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Traveling to Hemu, Northern Xinjiang

Hemu (禾木) is a village in the Altai mountains, situated in the north of Xinjiang between Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. Read more about traveling to Hemu!

12 Dec 2018
By Inge Baak

The 8 Essentials For Your Trip To China

Going on a trip to China? Unsure what to pack? Not to worry, this blogpost will tell you the 8 essentials you'll need for a successful trip to China.

3 Oct 2018
By Inge Baak

10 Lesser Known Spots Beijing Locals Think You Should Go

Beijing off the Beaten Track Once you've seen the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, 798 and Nanluoguxiang, you'll probably want to dive a bit deeper into all that Beijing has to offer. With that in mind, this week we present a list of 10 lesser known

5 Sep 2018
By Mark Lore

Yunnan's Forgotten Nakhi Kingdom, Rediscovered

China's Nakhi ethnic group used to be relatively unknown, but tourism to their home region is changing all that: and fast.

25 Jul 2018
By Mark Lore