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Colourful Cuisines from a land of contrasts

Discover Chinas 8 regional cuisines. From the sweet taste of Shanghai to flaming hot Sichuan dishes, Chinese cuisine is a magnificent cultural melting-pot.

25 Oct 2017
By Tommy Jensen

5 Reasons Why China Is The Place To Be In Winter

Here are 5 reasons why China is the place to be in winter, provided that you bring a coat. Experience a unique, beautiful, and peaceful adventure.

11 Sep 2017
By Tommy Jensen

Summer In Shanghai

Summer in Shanghai is hot and humid. With occasional painful and constant heat, here are some of the best places to escape steam and cool down.

14 Jun 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

Guestblog: 7 Mesmerizing Secrets About Chinese Food

This week the Hutong blog was visited by guest blogger Operation Falafel. They let us in on the mesmerizing secrets about Chinese food.

26 Apr 2017
By Megan Wang

Summer Camp in China

Picture this: your bags are at the door, you turn around and wave goodbye to your family as you head off to summer camp, except this time you're

15 Mar 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

Gap Year in China - My own experience

Are you bored of your comfort zone, want to stop your current routine for something totally new and different? Then a gap year in China is the perfect match

22 Feb 2017
By Barbara Brommer