A Cultural Excellence Award For Hutong School

We Have Won An Award!

We are super proud to learn that we have won an iStudy Global Cultural Excellence Award! Here at Hutong School we believe that learning Mandarin is about more than understanding the language. It’s about understanding the Chinese culture!  Getting to know the Chinese cuisine, experiencing a night out with KTV, playing Mahjong, learning some Tai Chi moves… We feel that it is all part of the China experience. Plus, you get to practice your Chinese during the cultural activities.

It makes us very happy that our hard work to give our students the full China Experience pays off with a Cultural Excellence Award. So we are very honored to have won an award from iGap for our efforts. It is very important to us to include cultural activities in all the programs that we offer, whether it is our Intensive Chinese Program or our Internship Program, we always try to let the students experience the Chinese culture in an easy and fun way.

Cultural Excellence Award

Hutong School Cultural Excellence Award

Do we have a secret ingredient for success? 

Is there a secret ingredient to Cultural Excellence? Yes there is! We want to thank all our students who so happily take part or have taken part in our cultural activities and make them to the success that they are. We hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did. If you are or used to be a student with us and enjoyed our cultural activities please let us know! Find us on Facebook, Tripadvisor, or our other Social Media channels and leave us a message. Or, write us a happy review to help others in their decision to experience China!

Want to experience China?

We aim to offer you a full Chinese experience with weekly cultural activities that will broaden your knowledge of the Chinese culture. If you book your Chinese classes with us you can join us for a night out with KTV or if you are looking for something a little less loud, you can join us for a cooking class, a pottery class or a tea ceremony. We believe that experiencing the Chinese culture should be an integrated part of learning Mandarin.

If you want to experience it for yourself we have many different things to offer. See our website and check out our Editor’s Choice Award Press Release.

Same great quality, bigger scale.

Hutong School is now operating as That’s Mandarin. Now you can expect the same great Chinese lessons with access to online Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe.