Service Excellence Award Winner!

Yes, we are a winner! We are very proud to announce that we won our third award in a row from iStudy. After Cultural Excellence Award and ‘ Academic Excellence Award‘ we can finally add the ‘Service Excellence Award’ to the list!

We were founded in 2005, with the aim to meet the growing interest in China. We provide students with the opportunity to learn Chinese and or work in China while giving them the full China experience. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for our students. Which we accomplish by enhancing their Chinese language skills and understanding of the Chinese culture. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for our students so they can choose whichever opportunity they wish to explore. Whether it is volunteering, Chinese language program, Internship or holiday, we’ve got you covered!

Our Mission

One of our main missions is to teach our students Chinese. Which we fulfill with great passion through our Chinese language program. We understand that the Chinese language is very important for understanding Chinese culture. So, as a school, we aim to provide high-quality language programs. This is attained through thorough selection processes of our teachers. We provide them with guidance, enabling them to maximize your learning experience.

The Chinese language is very challenging and interesting to learn. However, the Chinese culture has so much more to offer. So, we try to encourage our students to fully immerse themselves in the culture. We try to realize this through cultural activities like KTV, acrobat shows, Chinese operas, Chinese cooking classes, Mahjong, sightseeing, Chinese cultured workshops and so much more!

Thank you!

It is safe to say that our success does not only come from ‘what’ we provide, but mostly from ‘how’ we provide! We are very passionate about what we do, which we try to represent in the services we provide. Therefore, we’re very happy that our hard work and dedication is being acknowledged through this award. But, we could not have done this without you! We want to thank our staff, community, and students. You have brought us where we are now. So we are all winners! We hope we can continue this road to success and spread our passion for China.

What is next?

In the future, we will continue to give more students valuable experiences here in China. We want to continue creating many opportunities and be a bridge between the West and East. During this journey, we strive to improve our services and enhance our student’s learning experience. We want to be more than a school, we want to be an experience.

Come join us for this journey and learn more about China! Explore the internships, language programs and many locations we have.


Same great quality, bigger scale.

Hutong School is now operating as That’s Mandarin. Now you can expect the same great Chinese lessons with access to online Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe.