Articles in Learning Chinese

Service Excellence Award Winner!

Yes, we are a winner! We are very proud that iStudy awarded us the Service Excellence Award. Our mission is to give students the full China experience.

21 Feb 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

Why You Should Take A Gap Year

Find out the benefits of taking a gap year. You can learn something new or do an internship. Discover what a gap year can do for you when you come to China!

20 Feb 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

The Best Study Cafés In Shanghai

Shanghai has many cafés where you can get the best coffee and baked goods. Find out which cafés have both and also are a great place to study.

6 Feb 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

Guest Blog: China’s Global Expansion – Is Speaking Chinese The Future Asset?

With China being the second largest economy in the world and being a global powerhouse, would speaking Chinese be the next biggest asset in doing business?

29 Dec 2018
By Inge Baak

Benefits of Studying in China for Western Students

The chance to study abroad is a huge opportunity and there are actually a lot of benefits of studying in China for Western students. Read more here.

14 Nov 2018
By Inge Baak

10 Biggest Misconceptions About The Chinese Language

More than 1.3 billion people speak Mandarin. However, there are so many misconceptions about Chinese. In this article we present 10 misconceptions to you.

17 Oct 2018
By Inge Baak