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How to Get Around in China

China is a vast country, full of interesting historical heritage, wonderful landscapes and intriguing people.Travel to China with these survival tips

30 Jul 2015
By Hutong School

How To Survive Your First Days In China

A country as vast, as different and as populated as China, can be wildly overwhelming during your first days. Life in China isn’t always logical or simple.

3 Jun 2015
By Hutong School

Fund my Trip to China

We all know that students are typically a bit short of money, and going abroad usually costs a lot. Now, there are many ways to finance your trip to China.

20 Dec 2012
By Hutong School

Winter in China - Skiing

The World's most popular winter sport may be skiing, especially when you are from a mountain area and you actually can go skiing and snowboarding in China.

20 Nov 2012
By Hutong School

8 ways to fund your trip to China

You've decided to come to China, but you don’t have enough money to travel? Here are some ideas that can help you get the money you need to fund your trip.

3 May 2012
By Hutong School

Must See in Shanghai

Planning a visit to come to Shanghai or already here and not sure what to visit? Here are some suggestions of must see places in Shanghai!

28 Mar 2012
By Hutong School